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More than a decentralized
NFT liquidity protocol

A multi-chain enabled lending protocol to use NFTs as collateral.

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For Both Lenders & Borrowers

The Nama protocol enables NFT holders and creators to raise funds in a efficient & decentralized manner.

  For   Lender

  • green tick Lossless Stablecoins liquidity farming by staking your Stablecoins and receive $NAMA token rewards.
  • green tick Gain up to 35% APY interests when lending to the most valuable NFTs or supporting your favorite digital creators.
  • green tick Community governance.

  For   Borrowers

  • green tick Borrowing Stablecoins by collateralizing your ERC721 or ERC1155 tokens including uniswap V3 LP tokens, Axie Infinity, NBA Top Shot and you name a few with additional $NAMA rewards.
  • green tick Borrowing interest rates start at as little as 5% per year with a minimum loan amount of $100.
  • green tick Repay as you go, and the asset will be transferred back to you once you pay off the loan. If you do not make the full repayment amount and interest by the due date, the asset will be liquidated.

Our Features

Key fundamentals of the Nama Protocol

safe & secure

Safe & Secure

Audited smart contracts by industry-trusted third-party auditors. By leveraging the AI models, we analyze the real-time activities in the NFT trading market to keep suppliers funds safe and secure.
safe & secure

Lending & Borrowing

Users have the capability to unlock their Stablecoins and NFTs potential by lending to get attractive interest and borrowing to get loans.
safe & secure

Low Gas Fee

The NAMA protocol will be launching on the Ethereum initially, but we'll consider to launch it on other Layer 2 or low gas fee networks to reduce singinificant amount of gas fee.
safe & secure

Farming Rewards

Earn rewards from liquidity mining and every time you make a lending or borrowing.
safe & secure


Any NFT tokens (not only limited to ERC721 or ERC1155) will be able to list without any entity controlling the listing process, making our features accessible to every NFT tokens.
safe & secure


The future of protocol will be governed by its token holders through stake-based voting schemes. Make a voice and have your say in the great innovation.

Ecosystem & Partnership

Works with partners to ensure that NAMA stays true to its purpose as we advance and evolve.

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Our Team Members

Meet our lovely team

Certified blockchain solution architect. Over 15 years of IT project development and management experience. Led several DeFi and NFT related projects in front-end and smart contract design and development. Also participated and led several large-scale distributed and decentralized systems design and development in banking, blockchain, and media spaces.
avatar Victor Feng
Certified Azure and AWS solution architect. Over 10 years of IT experience covering multi-domains like Manufacture, Social Network, and Media Entertainment, etc. He has extensive experience in communicating with a variety of customers, capturing their thoughts and feedback, designing and operating products used by millions of users.
avatar Harry Chu
Frank has a Ph.D. in Financial Mathematics. As a senior consultant, he currently works in Deloitte, designs and implements Big Data and analytical solutions for various clients across different industries. Before that, he has been working as a data scientist and leading data-related product teams.
avatar Frank Huang
Kaylee has 11 years of experience in product design, customer experience, marketing research. Strong background in digital consumer applications, management consoles that provide reporting, log analysis, and interactive visualization. Previously worked for the likes of Alibaba and Ogilvy.
avatar Kaylee Zheng
Samdanae has over a decade of experience in software development. He's fascinating on about good API design and clean coding practices, and specializes in .Net core, JavaScript, and React programming languages.
avatar Samanae Imran

Our Milstones Since 2021

Together Nama protocol enables a decentralized world

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  • Project kick off
    • Researching and documenting;
    • Pre-seed round fundraising.
  • Beta release
    • Development begins;
    • Lending portal beta release, and go live to testnet;
    • Token contracts audit begins.
  • Mainnet Deployment
    • Lending portal V1 live;
    • Community governance portal beta development;
    • Initiate development of Layer-2 Compatibility.
  • Launch L2 beta & NAMA Oracle beta
    • Digital creators crowd-funding portal beta development;
    • Auction platform for the liquidated NFT assets;
    • Support bundle NFTs as collateral for the loan application;
  • NAMA Oracle v1 release & L2 live
    • Leasing the pledged NFTs to offset the interests
    • Initiate development of supporting other blockchains like Flow, WAX, and Enjin etc.

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