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More than a decentralized
NFT liquidity protocol

An omnichain enabled lending protocol to use NFTs as collateral.

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For Both Lenders & Borrowers

The NAMA protocol enables NFT holders and creators to raise funds in a efficient & decentralized manner.

  For   Lenders

  • green tick Lossless Stablecoins liquidity farming by staking your Stablecoins and receive $NAMA token rewards.
  • green tick Gain up to 35% APY interests when lending to the most valuable NFTs or supporting your favorite digital creators.
  • green tick Community governance.

  For   Borrowers

  • green tick Borrowing Stablecoins by collateralizing your ERC721 or ERC1155 tokens including uniswap V3 LP tokens, BAYC, NBA Top Shot and you name a few with additional $NAMA rewards.
  • green tick Borrowing interest rates start at as little as 5% per year with a minimum loan amount of $500. And collect your borrow fund from any blockchain you want.
  • green tick Repay as you go, and the asset will be transferred back to you once you pay off the loan. If you do not make the full repayment amount and interest by the due date, the asset will be liquidated.

Our Features

Key fundamentals of the NAMA Protocol

safe & secure

Safe & Secure

Audited smart contracts by industry-trusted third-party auditors. By leveraging the AI models, we analyze the real-time activities in the NFT trading market to keep suppliers funds safe and secure.
safe & secure

Lending & Borrowing

Users have the capability to unlock their Stablecoins and NFTs potential by lending to get attractive interest and borrowing to get loans across blockchains.
safe & secure

Low Gas Fee

The NAMA protocol will be launching on the Ethereum initially, but we'll consider to launch it on other Layer 2 or low gas fee networks to reduce singinificant amount of gas fee.
safe & secure

Farming Rewards

Earn rewards from liquidity mining and every time you make a lending or borrowing.
safe & secure


Any NFT tokens (not only limited to ERC721 or ERC1155) will be able to list without any entity controlling the listing process, making our features accessible to every NFT tokens.
safe & secure


The future of protocol will be governed by its token holders through stake-based voting schemes. Make a voice and have your say in the great innovation.

Ecosystem & Partnership

Works with partners to ensure that NAMA stays true to its purpose as we advance and evolve.

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Together NAMA protocol to build better and secure NFT financial apps

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    • Re-designed the UI
    • Optimized images loading speed from IPFS/Filecoin
    • Optimized on-chain data query speed from different blockchains
    • Added P2M and Auction models
    • Partnership building
    • UX enhancements
    • Cross-chain features implementation
    • V2 of NAMA protocol to Testnets
    • Another round of the testing event
    • More partnership on-boarding
    • NFTs prediction and option market alpha launch
    • Support more cross-chain features like fund withdrawal and repay
    • NAMA protocol mainnet launch
    • More network supports
    • Support installment repayment
    • Support more liquidation mechanisms
    • Risk management module enhancements
    • Publish NAMA APIs and SDKs
    • Support borrowers to use other non-bankable assets as collateral
    • Many more...
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